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About Us.

Transnet Engineering (TE) is an engineering division of Transnet SOC Limited, based in South Africa, comprising a group of product focused businesses in manufacture, upgrading conversion, repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock, as well as spares and associated transport equipment. Through its seven well equipped, ISO certified factories and workforce of 14 500 qualified personnel, Transnet Engineering extends its railway customer portfolio to Africa and the world. As a result, many of its plants have received "Centres of Excellence" awards and accreditation by original equipment manufacturers (OEM's).

Our Products & Services.

Our Maintenance & Services.

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  • 160 Lynette Street
  • Kilner Park,Pretoria ,0186
  • Email: Marketing@Transnet.Net
  • Phone +2786 172 7427
  • Fax: +27 83 453 8718

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